Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Four Goldilocks

Graphite and gouache, approx 12x15"
Four revisions of Goldilocks:
  • Elderly Goldilocks. She likes to break out of the retirement community, where the food is terrible and the beds hurt her back. Once she escapes, she then breaks into people's homes, eats their food, and takes naps in their plush, "just right" beds. She's wily, and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of tricking the retirement community employees.  
  • Bear Goldilocks. She's a bear who, while picking berries in the forest one day, wanders to a part of the forest she's never been, and gets lost. She comes across the home of three humans, goes inside, devours all their food, breaks a whole lot of furniture, and then falls asleep among the wreckage. She escapes with no harm done to her.
  • Huntress Goldilocks. I envisioned her as being a cross between Strider of Lord of the Rings-- a lonely wanderer of the land, haunted by an unresolved past-- and Muldoon of Jurassic Park, mostly because I like his short shorts. When she was a child, three bears mauled and killed her entire family, and left her barely alive. Since then, she has made it her life goal to find those bears and exact revenge. One of the bears' claws was left buried deep in her mother's heart, and she will always wears that claw around her neck until she avenges her family's death.
  • Banker Goldilocks. She's a greedy banker who is foreclosing on the Three Bears' home. This may be what Goldilocks grows up to become after her first encounter with the Bears. Considering that as a girl she walked into some strangers' home, ate their food, broke their furniture, and then slept in their beds, I'd say she had a greedy streak in her personality at a young age (assuming she was old enough to be out in the forest alone in the first place.)